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Alpine Sports in Yukon

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Yukon offers ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and alpine sports, including snowshoeing, curling, snow biking, cross country skiing, and downhill skiing. Other winter sports include dog sledding, sledding, tobogganing, and skating.


The best ski trails and resorts in Yukon are found at Mount Sima and Mount McIntyre. Visitors staying in Whitehorse can try the multi-use ski trail that goes along the Yukon Wildlife Preserve. It offers spectacular views and opportunities to see mountain goats, moose, caribous, and muskox. Mount Sima has 4 terrain parks, 15 marked runs, a kitchen, and a lounge. The resort also hosts a variety of events such as community and sports events, artistic performances, workshops, weddings, conferences and meetings, and holiday parties.

Opened in 1993, Mount Sima offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor sports, including snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and alpine skiing. The 2012 Arctic Winter Games and 2007 Canada Winter Games were also held here.

The Watson Lake Ski Club at Mt Maichen operates a ski area with a chalet, two lifts, and 9 km of slopes for snowboarding and skiing. The ski chalet features a change area, ski patrol room, ski shop, lounge and concession, and eating and viewing areas. Snowboarding and ski rentals are offered at the ski shop. Family, adult, and junior season passes are available. Freestyle skiing days are organized in the form of guided workshops.

Fat Biking

The Whitehorse region is a popular location for fat biking or riding in the snow. There are popular spots for fat biking such as Mount McIntyre, Grey Mountain, Fish Lake, and Bennett Lake. Fat bike rentals are available in Whitehorse.  The cross country ski trails are not allowed to be used for fat biking and only the single-track bike trails. The Whitehorse Cross Country Ski Club and Mountain Bike club are working to create such trails. The Collective and Fetish trails at Mt McIntyre are suitable for more experienced riders while the Porcupine trail is ideal for beginners. Fat Bike Fever is another multi-use trail along the Gray Mountain Trail. Backcountry routes are also available, including the Dawson Overland Trail, Alligator Lake, and Bonneville Lakes Loop Trail.


Snowshoeing offers excellent opportunities to view wildlife and enjoy winter landscapes. Areas with good snowshoeing trails include the Whitehorse Region, Watson Lake Region, Southern Lakes, and Arctic and Northern Yukon. Guided multi-day and single-day tours are also available for all skill levels. Multi-activity tours include wildlife viewing, ice fishing, snowshoeing trips, snowmobiling, and dog sledding tours.

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is popular with residents and visitors alike and offers unique opportunities to enjoy stunning landscapes and experience life in local communities. Areas to visit for dog sledding include the Whitehorse Region, Southern Lakes, Kluane, and Klondike. There are plenty of options, from rides to watch the Northern Lights to overnight and day excursions. One of the popular dog sledding itineraries is the Yukon Quest Trail.

Ice Fishing

Yukon is also a popular destination for ice fishing given the multitude of winding rivers and lakes where grayling and lake trout live. Guided tours are also available and include warm drinks and snacks, lures and tackle, fishing rods, and a guide. Popular spots for ice fishing include the Southern Lakes, Watson Lake Region, Arctic and Northern Yukon, and Whitehorse Region.  Many spots are accessible by both car and snowmobile. The winter season is ideal for ice fishing which can be combined with Aurora viewing and other outdoor activities.

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