Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Avalanche Awareness Day Feb. 18

Yukon Avalanche Association is hosting Avalanche Awareness Day at Mount Sima this Sunday Feb. 18

On February 18th, come to Mt Sima for the Avalanche Awareness Day! YAA will have many events and clinics for members of the YAA. Soon, you will be able to sign up for the following clinics:

10am: Intro to beacon search (for beginners)
10 am : Intro to backcountry ski skills clinic
11:15: Advance beacon search
11:15 Intro to backcountry ski skills clinic
12:30 : Sled toboggan rescue clinic
1:45: SKIMO race
3 pm: Apr├Ęs-ski with local ski films

All day, Icycle Sports will be on location with ski demos!

To take part in the clinics, you need to be a YAA member ($10). You can register here: http://www.yukonavalanche.ca/membership-individual

All clinic registrations are done on the ACC website: http://trips.accyukon.ca/