Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Slideshow by Peter Steele

Baked Café
Thursday, January 28th 5:30

The Yukon Chapter of the Alpine Club is happy to bring another local mountaineer to Baked Café for a talk and slideshow.

Whitehorse Author Peter Steele has truly lived the life of an Adventurer. Originally trained as a surgeon he has traveled throughout the globe and has gathered countless stories of his own, searching for a little known mountain in the Sahara by camel, crossing the mountains of Bhutan with his family in the 1960’s and working as the doctor for an Everest summit attempt.

Peter’s talk and slideshow will follow the dramatic events from his book ‘Doctor on Everest’ which recounts the ill-fated 1971 International Expedition that he took part in. With high hopes and the support of various groups and media, a team of well-funded and experienced climbers assembled from nearly a dozen countries attempted two separate routes on Everest. They encountered terrible weather, a dangerous and ultimately futile rescue attempt high up the mountain and clashing dynamics between team members.

There is no cost for this event.