Monday, March 30, 2015

ACC White Pass Backcountry Ski – Beginner

Date: Sunday March 15, 2015
Location: White Pass (Summit Creek)
Leaders: Charles Stuart & Jen Eakins

The ACC backcountry ski for novice skiers was a fun and relaxed day trip, despite being met with heavy winds at our muster point. Our hardy group of 7 ACC members decided to zip up against the wind and head for the East aspect of Summit Creek hill, hoping for calmer conditions on the lee side. As luck would have it, the winds died down and we made it to within 50 meters from the summit before clouds moved in and threatened a whiteout. A ski binding problem slowed us down a bit, and we navigated slowly through a few short sections of sastrugi (not ideal conditions for novice skiers), but we descended successfully to enjoy a couple of laps of better conditions lower on the mountain. We returned to the vehicles late in the afternoon sunshine. Dinner and beers at the High Country Inn wrapped up a wonderful day.