Friday, August 8, 2014

Nahanni Expeditions

ACC Yukon has partnered with Parks Canada to lead two expeditions into Nahanni National Park Reserve. Each expedition has a different focus: one group will be backpacking & hiking, the other group will be rock climbing.

The goal of each expedition is to find and document the hiking or climbing potential in the specific area of the Park that is chosen.  Through photos, written documentation, and GPS data, we hope to produce enough information so that future visitors have a good idea of the various recreation potential in the Park, and to motivate them to visit the Park.

Backpacking Group: This group will be flown into Lonely Lake in the Hole-in-the-wall Valley of central-western Nahanni. The group will have 12 days (August 11-22) to explore this rarely visited area. The participants are: Marko Marjanovic, Holly Goulding, Peter Knamiller, and Laura Sly.

Rock Climbing Group: This group will fly into Glacier Lake, and hike up to the Cirque of the Unclimbables.  They will spend August 16-23 in the area, documenting the area and lesser known climbs (ie: not focusing on the well-known Lotus Flower Tower). The participants are: Ryan Agar, Eva Holland, Gary Bremner, and Brianne Bremner.

Parks Canada staff will accompany each group.

ACC Yukon is excited for this opportunity to help explore and bring new visitors to Nahanni National Park Reserve, and we hope that it brings more people into the mountain areas of both NWT and the Yukon.