Tuesday, June 10, 2014

First Week in the Kluane Icefields

The first week of the ACC Yukon Icefield Discovery Camp is complete!

We had 14 members in the Kluane icefields last week, and there are 7 members at camp this week.
Two weather days prevented us from flying in right away, but it was followed by three beautiful sunny days.  We ski toured, climbed mountains and nunataks, and got some turns in.
Lots of sun meant everyone had rosy cheeks, not to mention a few sunburns.
The final two days were whiteout conditions, which meant building elaborate snow walls and playing some mean games of Monopoly cards.
We left camp on Monday with blue skies and more beautiful weather.

ACC Yukon members navigating up the Poodle (or Gnurdelhorn) to get some turns in.