Sunday, December 1, 2013

Avi Beacon Practice Trip Report

December 1st, 2013
Trip Leader: Peter Knamiller

At 10am on a brisk -25oC Sunday morning, 7 ACC members rendezvoused at Long Lake car park just as the sun was rising from behind Grey Mountain. However, soon the serenity was broken by the incessant beeping of 7 different avalanche beacons. We were simulating a double burial scenario. Having buried two beacons down the hillside we shuffled our rusty self down the slope,  keying into the increasing beep and direction arrows on our beacons. 

Photo: Peter Knamiller
Photo: Peter Knamiller
Running the drills and re-familiarising ourselves with the search techniques and the functioning of our beacon really reminded us how important it was that we were out there, and especially at this time of the season. 

Photo: Peter Knamiller
Through our exercises and the discussions that in sued, the most important reminders that we came up with, where how important it is to:

  • get yourself very familiar with your own beacon.
  • make sure you know how it works, and the functions of  a multiple burial situation (if it has them).
  • test the capabilities of your beacon – don’t just believe what they tell you the range is, but test it for yourself. It was amazing to see how much difference there was between the range of the different beacons. (35 – 70m). Knowing this could greatly affect your search pattern and therefore recovery times.

Thanks everyone who came and shared their knowledge and experiences, I think we all learnt something.  Take care and Enjoy the Mountains!

Photo: Peter Knamiller