Thursday, November 21, 2013

ACC Intro to Winter Camping Trip

November 16-17, 2013
Trip Leader:  Joel MacFabe

Keen to start off this winter on the right foot, 5 ACC members headed up to Fraser Lake in the White Pass, camping out and making sure our winter skills and gear were tuned up.  The group set out from the trail head just past Canada Customs on skies and snowshoes. We traveled 3.2 KM to the lake and found a nice little spot to start piling up snow.  Shoveling was quick with everyone pitching in and soon we had the makings of a warm snowy home, complete with an entrance tunnel to slide out.   

One quinzee, two tents and a kitchen tarp shelter made up our camp for the evening. Those that slept in the quinzee were treated to an above zero night while temperatures dipped to -18c outside.  Waking up happy we made breakfast, packed up, and headed home as the weather closed in.

A great trip with great folks Thanks to all that made it out.

 Heading in to Fraser Lake (Photo by Etienne Gros)

 A snowy view from the kitchen (Photo by Joel MacFabe)
Packing down the pile (Photo by Etienne Gros)

Happy campers. David, Shadow, Joel, Etienne, Brett, and Leah (Photo by Pet Knamille)
Heading home just as the snow and wind pick up (Photo by Joel MacFabe)