Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crater Lake ski tour


 Joel McFabe will be leading an intermediate overnight ski tour trip this weekend, March 16th-17th.
The trip will be from the Fraser border guard station west down the Fraser valley approx 9.5 km to Crater Lake. Some previous experience winter camping and ski touring is an asset. Touring equipment, avalanche gear, winter camping supplies and appropriate clothing are required. The goal of this trip is to have an introduction to overnight ski touring in the backcountry. There will be a focus on touring and less on down hill runs so people with Nordic skis are more then welcome. Participants will need to be relatively self sufficient with food, and shelter. People can arrange to double up in tents and carry one stove per two people if they would like. There will be a limit of ten people on this trip and you will need to sign up at the ACC Yukon site once I get the trip posted (shortly)

Sign up at http://trips.accyukon.ca/

Trip over view:

We will leave town around 07:00 and meet at the border guard parking lot around 08:30, carpooling can be worked out before hand. Setting out no later then 09:00, we will travel west up the valley, across Fraser Lake and over the saddle to Crater Lake. Aiming to arrive around 16:00 will give us plenty of time to set up camp, relax and enjoy the surroundings. In the event that weather, travel speed or avi concerns deteriorate, the backup plan will be to camp just west of Fraser Lake in a suitable location. The following day we will pack up and head back to the cars, getting in some turns if time and desire allows.

You will need some form of touring skis whether that be Nordic, AT or similar. Avi equipment it highly encouraged. We will be avoiding any hazardous avi terrain but it is still advised to carry shovel, probe, and beacon (~snow depth up to 2m). You will need a winter sleeping bag rated a minimum of -12. nights are dropping below -20 so...+overbag if it's a -12. Bring a tent and or biv bag if desired with a sufficient mattress for winter. Appropriate winter clothing consisting of layers (wool, fleece, down and breathable shells) is necessary plus dry items to sleep in, down booties or something to wear around camp other than ski boots is a good idea. You will need enough food for one night (two lunches, one dinner, one breakfast +snacks) and a means to make and carry water (1L and a minimum of one stove per two people). Also remember any personal medication and hygiene items that you will need. A passport is a good idea just in case the parking lot is full and we need to cross the border to the next pull off ~1.5km down the road.

Requirements of the participants:
Some experience with winter camping and ski travel would be great but not necessarily the combination. Appropriate equipment for winter camping, travel and a fitness level required to travel for 3 hours at a time (this trip does not contain a sustained level of high energy activity)

Disclosure and Safety:

The ACC is amateurs leading amateurs. You are responsible for your own safety on this and all ACC trips. I have limited avi experience and so will be taking what I perceive to be a conservative route. I will have a sat phone, basic first aid kit and map/GPS. I will in no way be taking responsibility for your safety and there will be the standard ACC liability waiver that must be signed before starting this trip. A pre-trip meeting will be held on Wednesday night at the Town and Mountain Lounge at 18:30. Please message me if you need directions or that time doesn’t work. We can go over maps, gear lists, ride sharing, meet each other, sign waivers, and talk about expectations and concerns.

Looking forward to a great weekend.