Saturday, February 25, 2012

Summit Creek Hill Backcountry Ski

February 25, 2012
Trip Leader: Claude Vallier

What a day!  Absolutely no clouds in the sky, light winds (to keep the bugs away, as Claude said), and a warm sun.  This was the first backcountry ski trip for ACC Yukon and it was great.  8 members skinned up Summit Creek Hill in the White Pass on some mellow terrain.

On the way up, Claude gave some basic instructions on how to avoid avalanche terrain and how to do a basic kick turn on skis.  For a beginner, kick turns aren't as easy as Claude makes them look!

After a great run down the hill we stopped for lunch in the sun.  Since the weather was so awesome, we decided to do a second run and got some more fantastic turns in.

Claude explaining the route to the group. (Photo: Marko Marjanovic)

The group skinning up together. (Photo: Claude Vallier)
Getting some nice turns in on the way down. (Photo: Claude Vallier)
Everyone at the top of Summit Creek Hill.  What a view! (Photo: Claude Vallier)