Saturday, January 7, 2012

Caribou Mountain Winter Hike

January 7, 2012
Trip Leader: Marko Marjanovic

6 members headed out on a windy, overcast day to hike Caribou Mountain.  Above the trees, the wind was so strong that it was hard to stand up!  On the ridge, the group made the decision that we push on to the summit, despite the high winds.

On the way to the top, the clouds suddenly broke and blue sky appeared, something we never would have thought would happen.  We had a quick lunch break at the summit and congratulated everyone on the first ACC Yukon trip ever!

Very strong winds on the ridge. (Photo: Marko Marjanovic)
A quick snack break, heads down avoiding the wind. (Photo: Marko Marjanovic)

The final push to the summit. (Photo: Marko Marjanovic)
The crew and dogs. (Photo: Alana Martinson)