Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ACC Yukon Bylaws

(Adopted April 24, 2018)

Section 1 - Name

The name of the section shall be “Yukon Section of the Alpine Club of Canada” (hereinafter referred to as “the Yukon Section” or “the Section” as context requires).

The Section was established under the bylaws of the Alpine Club of Canada, as amended, which take precedence over the Section Bylaws where there is a conflict.

Section 2 - Object

The Yukon Section is an association of members for the purpose furthering the objects and works of The Alpine Club of Canada (hereinafter referred to as “The Alpine Club of Canada” or “the Club” or “ACC” as the context requires) as those objects and work are set out in the Constitution of the Alpine Club of Canada, as amended from time to time.

Section 3 - Membership

Yukon Section membership may be granted upon approval of an application for same in a form satisfactory to the Section Executive.

Membership in the Section shall be open to all members in good standing of The Alpine Club of Canada who have registered and paid fees for joining the Yukon Section. A member in good standing is a member who has fully paid their membership dues and has not otherwise been expelled or suspended in accordance with the by-laws of the Club or the Yukon Section.

Section 4 – Dues

4.1. The membership fees for Yukon Section members shall be set from time to time by the Section Executive and approved by a majority vote at a Yukon Section Annual General Meeting.

4.2. Fees will be due on the date a member joins the Section and on renewal dates as they arise.

Section 5 – Section Executive

5.1. Mt. Logan is and shall forever be President of the Yukon Section.

5.2. The affairs of the Yukon Section shall be managed by the Section Executive which shall have the general charge, supervision and control of the affairs, property and interests of the Section. The Section Executive shall consist of five elected board members, who shall arrange amongst themselves for a division of roles and responsibilities of: chairperson, secretary, treasurer, and 2 directors.

5.3. Executive positions are open to all Yukon Section members.

5.4. Each member of the Yukon Section Executive shall hold office for two years.

5.5. Any member of the Yukon Section Executive may, for sufficient cause, be removed from office by a majority vote of the Section Executive on ten days’ written notice sent by registered mail to his or her last known address specifying the grounds upon which his or her removal is sought and designating the time and place at which the change will be considered and action taken.

5.6. An officer ceases to hold office when:

A. their written resignation is sent or delivered to the Section, or if a time is specified in such resignation, at the time so specified, whichever is the later

B. they cease to be qualified for election as an officer

C. they die; or

D. they are removed from office by the members

5.7. A quorum of the Yukon Section Executive shall consist of a majority of its members.

5.8. A quorum of the Yukon Section Executive may fill a vacancy in the Section Executive by a majority vote, except a vacancy resulting from an increase in the minimum number of officers. In the absence of a quorum of the Section Executive, the existing officers shall call a special meeting of members to fill the vacancy. If the board fails to call such meeting or if there are no such directors then in office, any member may call the meeting.

5.9. The Yukon Section Executive, in its absolute discretion, may, but shall not be required to, submit any contract, act or transaction for approval or ratification at a meeting of the members of the Section called for the purpose of considering the same, and the approval thereof by a majority of persons qualified to vote present at such meeting shall be binding on all members of the Section as if they had been present and had approved and ratified the same.

5.10. The powers of the Yukon Section Executive or of the members of the Yukon Section at a meeting thereof shall, however, be subject to the limitation that any action taken by the Section which involves a financial commitment by the Yukon Section in excess of the liquid assets of the Section at the time of such action shall not become effective until submitted to and approved by the Board of The Alpine Club of Canada. (This is to ensure that the Board of the ACC is not held responsible for such debt).

5.11. All cheques, bills, notes and acceptances and other banking documents must be signed by any member of the Yukon Section Executive or any person designated from time to time by resolution of the Yukon Section Executive.

5.12. All other documents requiring the signature of the Yukon Section shall be signed by any member of the Section Executive, or any person which the Executive may from time to time appoint.

5.13. The Section Executive shall meet at regular intervals decided by it but not less than 4 times per year.

Section 6 – Election of Section Executive

The Section Executive shall be elected at a general meeting of the Section. There shall be elections for two board members on even years, and three board members on odd years. Candidates shall present their name for election. Each Yukon Section member shall be entitled to vote for two or three candidates, depending on how many candidates will be up for re-election. The candidates with the most votes shall be elected as board members.

Section 7 – General Meetings

The Yukon Section General Meetings shall be held at least once every calendar year. The meetings shall be held at such times as the Section Executive may deem desirable or at the request of any ten members.

Section 8 – Quorum

A quorum at an Annual General Meeting of the Yukon Section shall consist of five percent of the qualified voters or twenty persons, whichever is the smaller.

Section 9 – Voting Power

Each Yukon Section member shall be entitled to vote on all matters of the Yukon Section properly brought before the Section membership.

Section 10 – Notice of Meetings

10.1. Meetings of the Yukon Section Executive may be called by the Chairperson or any two members of the Section Executive at any time upon giving three days notice by e-mail, Mail or by telephone. If all members of the Yukon Section Executive waive notice in writing, no written notice shall be necessary.

10.2. Meetings of the Yukon Section membership shall be called by providing not less than 21 days notice prior to the date of such meeting by e-mail, Mail or by telephone. If all members of the Section waive notice in writing, no written notice shall be necessary. The accidental omission to give such notice to one or more members shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.

Section 11 – Assets

11.1. Equipment, land or improvements to land acquired or leased by and for Yukon Section purposes shall be held in the name of the Alpine Club of Canada but shall be under the exclusive control of the Yukon Section and subject to Yukon Section policies as to their use. No such land or lease shall be disposed of or encumbered in any way without the consent of the Yukon Section membership duly obtained.

11.2. The Yukon Section shall not pledge the credit of the Alpine Club of Canada. The Alpine Club of Canada shall not assume the liabilities of any Section.

Section 12 - Dissolution of section

12.1. Should the Board of the Alpine Club of Canada be of the opinion that the Section has ceased to carry out its objects, or is pursuing a policy contrary to that of the Club, or has insufficient members to provide a service to the members of the Club, or has insufficient members to provide a service to the members of the Club residing in the area, or alternatively should a Section resolve to terminate its existence or be otherwise wound up, then sixty days after publication in the Gazette of a resolution of the Section or of the Board to dissolve the Section, the Section shall be deemed to be dissolved and all its assets required to cover any debt to the National office shall thereafter become the property of the Alpine Club of Canada.

12.2. Prior to dissolution Section physical assets remaining such as equipment or library items donated by individual members, or monetary deposits made and held for planned Section activities will be returned to individual members and/or may be transferred to affiliated club(s), or other appropriate recipient(s) that represent(s) the outdoor community of the local area.

Section 13 - Fiscal year end, bank & book & records

13.1. The fiscal year end of the Section shall be December 31st in each year or such other date as may from time to time be designated by the Yukon Section Executive.

13.2. The bank of the Yukon Section shall be such chartered bank, trust company, credit union, or other similar financial institution as from time to time designated by the Section Executive.

13.3. The books and records of the Secretary/Treasurer of the Yukon Section of the Alpine Club of Canada are to be open for perusal by any Yukon Section member at any reasonable time but may not be copied by the member without the prior written consent of the Section Executive, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld and the reasonable cost of such copying shall be paid by the member requesting the copies.

13.4. A financial summary and budget will be presented to all members at the general meeting following the close of the fiscal year.

Section 14 – Constitution

14.1. The By-laws of the Section may be amended at any time by the following procedure:

A. The amendment shall be proposed in writing to the Section Executive by not less than five members of the Section.

B. the Section Executive shall establish a date for polling not less than 21 days and not more than 90 days after receiving the proposed amendment.

C. A copy of the proposed amendment shall be provided by the Section
Executive to each member at least two weeks in advance of the date of voting, together with the name of the five members proposing the amendment. A vote will be taken at the next meeting of members and to the extent that it is reasonably practicable, all such votes shall be taken by secret ballot. The vote of the majority of the members returning their ballots shall govern

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Avalanche Awareness Day Feb. 18

Yukon Avalanche Association is hosting Avalanche Awareness Day at Mount Sima this Sunday Feb. 18

On February 18th, come to Mt Sima for the Avalanche Awareness Day! YAA will have many events and clinics for members of the YAA. Soon, you will be able to sign up for the following clinics:

10am: Intro to beacon search (for beginners)
10 am : Intro to backcountry ski skills clinic
11:15: Advance beacon search
11:15 Intro to backcountry ski skills clinic
12:30 : Sled toboggan rescue clinic
1:45: SKIMO race
3 pm: Apr├Ęs-ski with local ski films

All day, Icycle Sports will be on location with ski demos!

To take part in the clinics, you need to be a YAA member ($10). You can register here:

All clinic registrations are done on the ACC website: 

Equinox Ice Towers - ACC Member 20% discount

Equinox Ice Towers at Mount Sima
Wednesday nights 6-9 pm 

Sat & Sun 12-3 pm 

Open for self guided climbing $15 

Gear rental available $15

Intro to Ice course available too $75 

  **ACC members get 20% off** 
Equinox can open up for small groups at other times.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Icefield Discovery Camp 2018

Registration for ACC Yukon Icefield Camp is open until January 26.

This year, Icefield Discovery and James Minifie from Skookum Backcountry Adventures are offering a fully guided week in the St. Elias Mountains from June 2-8, 2018.

The per person price is $2015 +gst + $80 parks fee = $2195.75.

Food, base camp manager, accommodations, guides and return flight from Kluane Lake are included in this cost.

Please email for the information package if you are interested

Friday, January 5, 2018

Climbing Workshop Jan. 12

ACC Yukon will be posting a series of climbing workshops this winter.

Workshop #1: Climbing Safely in the Yukon 

Description: Yukon specific circumstances (no cell reception, wildlife interactions, remote crags), communication between climbers (belayer, climber, other individuals at the crag), proper belay techniques and rope management.

When: 16:30-19:30, January 12th, 2017
Facilitators: Vanessa Scharf and Charles Kalinsky

Location: College Bouldering Wall

Enrollment will be limited to 10 people. To sign up, go to the ACC Yukon trips portal.  (The event hasn't been set up yet, but will be soon so please check back).

Stay tuned for details about the next climbing workshop!


Climbing Survey -

Here's a chance to win MEC gift cards and some swag from Coast Mountain Sports!!

Yukon Climbing Access Society (YCAS) has put together a survey with the help of a consultant (StrategyNorth) and contributions from local rock sages.

We are looking for your help and participation in this 10 minute survey on outdoor rock climbing.

Do you rock climb in the Yukon?  Then this survey is for you.  The information that we're gathering will help us better understand our climbing community, strengthen our community's voice, and foster relationships with local governments and landowners.

Through participating, you can enter your name to be picked for MEC gift cards & some climbing swag from Coast. Please pass this on to anyone you have climbed with in Yukon Territory. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Deadline to complete by January 30, 2018

Click here to fill out the survey.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Vancouver Mountain Film Festival - Thurs Jan 11.

ACC Yukon, along with Icycle Sport and Winterlong, is excited to once again present the Vancouver Mountain Film Festival - Best of the Fest Tour. 

When: Thursday Jan. 11, 2018
Time: 7 (doors at 6:30) 
Tickets: $20 ($2 discount for ACC Yukon members if tickets purchased at Icycle or Winterlong). 
Where: Yukon Arts Centre

Tickets available now at Icycle, Winterlong, Yukon Arts Centre and Arts Underground. Get yours soon! 

Driven by a passion for film, culture and the outdoors, the VIMFF Society seeks to advance appreciation of films and film-making while inspiring, informing and educating the public in these areas. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Indoor bouldering is on!

Bouldering is available to the public in Whitehorse at the following locations and times:

Yukon College: Tuesdays & Sundays 8-10 PM
Porter Creek Secondary School: Wednesdays 7-9 PM

*The bouldering walls are located in the gymnasium of the school. To access the Porter Creek gym please use the door entrance from the parking lot around the side of the building.

$5 for ACC members/$10 for non-members
You can sign up for an ACC membership on the ACC website (select Yukon section). Funds will circulate back to the community through climbing initiatives.

For updates to the schedule and gym closure times please keep an eye out on both the Yukon Climbing and ACC facebook page.